Juniors receive the baton to symbolize their upcoming role as senior leaders

The junior class of 2019 participated in a ceremony May 15, where they chose someone to pass them a baton, as in a relay race, to symbolize their future leadership roles as seniors here next year.
Students chose teachers, former students, older siblings, parents, and coaches to pass them their baton. As the student received the baton, Dean of Students Phil Smith, who organized the ceremony, read an encouraging message from the person giving the baton.
“I chose Mrs. Hippman, my former English teacher because she pushed me to be who she knew I could be in and out of the classroom,” said Junior Kayla Lehew. “She knew before I did that I could accomplish it.”
Others chose fellow-students.
“I chose [Senior] Rebecca McClean to pass on the baton to me because she is an amazing person, and is kind to everyone, and I’ve enjoyed being her friend in theater these past few years,” said Junior Makayla Lockard.

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