A Zoom call with three students ad one adult.

How classrooms look today: This Zoom session photo is of the Yearbook Editors this year discussing our Honorable Mention Award from Balfour Publishing. Teacher Stephanie Hall (top right) couldn't announce the award in person to Editors (not pictured) Chandler Tolliver, Crew Roberts, Naamah McGee and Chloe Hughes.

Is Online School Really the Best

This year many students are going online, either for the semester or a temporary quarantine. For some it is not as effective as going in person, because students cannot see the full classroom and have very little since of structure.

                 Some feel as though it is hard not being in the room with the class. It is much harder to see everything though a small screen.

                Senior Cullen Robinson, who was quarantined, said, “It is a lot better than it could be, but it is really difficult to learn when you are not in the room with everyone else.”

                Some student though, did not have a problem with the online learning.

                Junior Julian Walker said, “I personally did not have a problem with the online classes.”

                Even though Julian said he did not have a problem he understood why some had a problem.

                Senior Jake Potenzo, who was quarantined with the football players a few weeks back, feels that sometimes online is unorganized and is hard to follow the teacher in class.

  Potenzo said, “It’s hard to stay focused without any sort of structure, even though we only go to school three days a week, it was still hard having no structure at all.”

                In the end GPA’s online classes are probably better than most, but it still needs much more work so it is easier for student to learn while online

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