Is it Tuesday Yet? Because it’s Time for a Taco at Taco Heads!

Once a small trailer, starting out in the West 7th area of Fort Worth, then to become a popular food truck in 2008, after one of the founders, Sarah Castillo met Jacob Watson on an Uber drive, they planned a partnership.

Soon after, Taco Heads became an official restaurant in 2016 on 1812 Montgomery St, Fort Worth.

Taco Heads is a fun and tasty place to eat and hang out, now located in the Cultural District of Fort Worth. My mother and I discovered this small little restaurant when searching for a taco place to go eat. Taco Heads was one of the first places to come up online

Inside the restaurant.  Photo By:  Makayla Lockard

in the Fort Worth area.


When arriving at our destination, we came into this chill environment. We chose to eat inside due to the wind, though they did have a large and lovely patio. We ordered the chips, queso, and salsa, which my mom described as, “great.” The queso was very tasteful, it was thicker than usual and had a wonderful flavor. The ingredients consisted of: Chihuahua cheese, roasted tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, and pico de gallo.

I ordered the Pan Fried Papas & Eggs Taco off of the breakfast menu while my mom ordered the Brisket Taco. The taco I had was filled with garlic, cheese, and oregano, it was absolutely delicious. My mom said her taco was really good and she was so glad we found this little place. The Brisket Taco was a tad spicy and contained: cabbage, onion, cilantro, and queso fresco. The prices of Taco Head’s food range from $3.25 to $8.50.


Pan Fried Papas & Eggs.  Photo By: Makayla Lockard

If you ever want to drop by, Taco Heads offers: Wright Bacon & Egg, Grilled Veggie & Egg, Pan Fried Papas & Eggs, Charred Avocado & Roasted Corn, Wild Caught Fish, Taco Salads, Bourbon Black Bean Veggie, Mama Castillo’s Chicken, Quesadillas, and Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies, to name a few. So, if you are ever hungry for some yummy tacos, drive on over to Taco Heads and trust me, it’s worth it. For more information about the restaurant and ingredients, go to


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