Iris Bagel shop; the place to be

Iris Bagel Shop in Arlington is the cutest café in the area. If you are hungry for a warm Bagel stuffed with flavorful cream cheese- this is the place for you.

Iris Bagel shop is a relatively small, family-owned hole-in-the-wall café offering bagels (obviously), dainty finger sandwiches, and coffee. They have a variety of bagels and cream cheese flavors, offering the perfect bagel fit to the individual.

Not to mention the décor! Especially the Mona Lisa painting they have hanging on the wall. The famous lady holds a steaming cup of coffee and her prominent half-smile sells the painting.

Iris’ customer service is top notch. San Hwang, one of the store’s owners, never meets a stranger. Anyone going to the café for a second visit is immediately recognized. The loving family atmosphere makes each visitor want to return.

The café is set up to order at the counter and all the food items are displayed in a large glass case. The menu is written on a chalk board hung on the wall behind the counter. Simply tell them what you’d like and they will get it out for you.

The bagels are toasted in a double-decker rotating toaster. After it is crisp and warm, they pull out the customer’s desired cream cheese from an in-counter cooler and smothered onto the bagel.

The shop is opened 5am-2pm Monday through Saturday and 7am-2pm on Sundays and is located in the strip mall off I-20 between Green Oaks and Little Road at 5801 W. I-20 in Arlington.

The Iris Bagel shop happens to be a regular for many Grace Prep study hall students. Everyone should give this place a try, you won’t regret it.

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