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How classrooms look today: This Zoom session photo is of the Yearbook Editors this year discussing our Honorable Mention Award from Balfour Publishing. Teacher Stephanie Hall (top right) couldn't announce the award in person to Editors (not pictured) Chandler Tolliver, Crew Roberts, Naamah McGee and Chloe Hughes.

If Government Cancels Thanksgiving They Our Cancelling Freedom

In 2020, thanks giving has been all but canceled due to Covid-19. The state of Illinois, Road Island, Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and New York have basically canceled thanksgiving. In each of these states the governor has either limited or band family gatherings on thanksgiving.

This is a direct violation of the freedom of America. Thanksgiving is one of the most unique America and one of the most meaningful holidays in America.

The governor of California, Gavin Newsome said, “We have not put out Thanksgiving guidelines.”

Even though the Governor Newsome said there is no Guidelines he has clearly put heavy restrictions like, not more than three families or ten people are allowed in an indoor gathering and outdoor is preferable.

This is the government trying to control the people not the other way around like it is supposed to be.

The Constitution clearly says, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

The way things are going it looks more like government that controls the people.

If they take Thanksgiving what do you think is next?

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