It’s curtains for Junior here…or is it? Terrifying humor story teaches strong moral

Even as a little kid, I loved horror movies. I liked the thrill and the sense of pure adrenaline. At the age of seven, I was too afraid to run (much less walk) down the long, winding hallway that led to my room after I watched the early 2000s television show, Goosebumps.

Years later, while at my Aunt and Uncle’s house, I felt adventurous enough to see the then terrifying movie, The Babadook. I got through it with an unbreakable will, a feeling of bravery comparable to Moses in Exodus, and… a security blanket.

That night I slept about as much as the typical GPA student writing a 15-page essay. By morning, I stopped looking behind me every five seconds, but I was still on edge. The same day, we went back to my Uncle’s house and I had to venture into the restroom.

Because of my history with scary movies, whenever I’m in any bathroom, I do the only rational thing…I pull the shower curtain back.

Anyone with a weapon hiding in the tub? Nope…good!

Although I admit it was an odd bathroom ritual at the time, I never knew if there was a psychotic axe-murderer waiting for me behind the curtain…thus the routine continued.

I went through my ritual and slowly edged the curtain back.

Since there generally is a scarcity of axe-murderers in my house, I expected nothing but a lot of soap.

Instead, I was greeted by a spectral, ragged wraith with a skull for a face!

The combination of paranoia from the movie and the real life jump-scare enabled fight or flight mode in me. I chose the latter…EMPHATICALLY!

I sprinted back into the living room as I screeched a sound more fitting of a girl half my age.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, it wasn’t an actual ghost, although it had the same effect.

My aunt thought it would be a great idea to put an old halloween prop from their basement in the shower. The moral of this quick adventure is that:

  1. You should not tell your relatives about your bathroom rituals.
  2.  you should always, ALWAYS check behind the shower curtain because your relatives can be shifty.
  3. All of the above.
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