Gun safety courses available to teens

The fact is, the very idea of guns in our hands can be scary. A variety of risks come when handling them. Knowing this, students have an avenue to learn about them safely.

There may come a time in which teens may need to learn how to hold and use a gun safety.

The knowledge on how to operate a gun is a valuable skill that could potentially save lives.

Some may argue that guns are too dangerous to even consider getting near, espeically in light of so many tragic school shootings, including one deadly case last week.

Knowledge can be power, however, and we can’t live life in fear.

In a study done by the National Safety Council, they concluded that a hospital had more dangers than those of using a gun. The study claimed that you are 1,900 times more likely to sustain an injury inside a hospital than to injure yourself, in any way, by using a gun.

The need to know how to use a gun, can still be important to some students and parents alike. If a teen wants to learn more about gun safety, there are a variety of classes they can take, ranging from, how to use a pistol a shotgun, or a rifle.

Most standard classes cost from $50 to $200 per person for any age, within reason. The NRA has several programs, which you can find at

If a student or parent is interested in hunting, the Texas Parks & Wildlife have listed their own requirements you can find at In fact some courses and training are required. The Texas wildlife and safety organization web site says,

“Every hunter (including out-of-state hunters) born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, must successfully complete hunter education. Minimum age for certification is 9 years and cost is $15.”

“If you were born on or after September 2, 1971 and you are:

under 9 years of age, you must be accompanied*.

age 9 through 16, you must successfully complete hunter education, OR you must be accompanied.

Age 17 and over, you must successfully complete hunter education; OR purchase a “Hunter Education Deferral,” and you must be accompanied.”

Our area also offers shooting ranges for the novice to practice and learn. Shooting ranges are not very different from the hunting environment, rule-wise. There are usually a few veterans or experienced gun handlers who work there who are willing to show you how to properly hold, and safely handle any gun. That is not to say they will lend you their guns. You will have to bring your own.

As our generation is aware, there have been too many school shootings in recent years. In these cases, even though guns are not allowed in student’s hands or in school at all, a student or teacher simply knowing how to use a gun may save someone in the situation of a shooting. Arming ourselves with knowledge may be better than knowing nothing at all.


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