Grace Prep’s 2020 Vision is clear and worth the wait

Staff discussions at The Mane Post lead to our new 2020 fundraising Vision Administration recently revealed. Our conclusion through investigation is that Grace Prep is striving to be wise in its fundraising techniques and appropriately using the raised money to best benefit the most students.

On Thursday September 20, 2018, Grace Prep raised approximately $183,000  as it participated within its 3rd annual North Texas Giving Day campaign. The students here competed for the number of donations gathered as Dean of Advancement Chris Harper organized the giving event.  

The previous fundraisers have been used to install new security systems around the campus, to add several computer carts in several classrooms, to remodel the school’s auditorium, purchase lockers for its student body, upgrade lighting to LED, and to replace many of the fixtures in the academic building.

This time of year, it is time to plan ahead and see what’s coming, especially now that our building campaign, known as G3 (God’s Growing Grace) is complete. Now Grace Prep students and parents are expecting big changes with its four annual fundraisers: North Texas Giving Day (NTGD), Grandparents Day, End-year Giving, and Lavish (will take place on April 4).

According to Grace Prep’s 2019 spring magazine, Foundations, Grace Prep is soon going to finish the goals of its 2018 NTGD campaign by replacing the turf on the playground, replacing the windows of the academic building, and begin building a security fence around our campus.

Mr. Harper confirmed this, saying, “we [Grace Prep] are looking forward to finishing projects such as fence and a gate in the front of our campus, as well as replacing windows throughout our academic building and some other projects.”

Students are somewhat indecisive on whether they like the planned security fence.

“Well I don’t feel unsafe as it is,” said Senior Jessica Friberg, who has attended here for 12 years and has seen plenty of changes. “So I don’t think it is the greatest advancement, but I like new things and I think it would look cool.”

The fence will no doubt be a great benefit to the school, though some students think the money could have been used for other things.  

Junior Vince Gonzales says he would like “faster internet, better food, … [and] some different options for lunch.”

Dr. Marc Evans, Grace Prep’s Head of School has indicated that changing lunches can be problematic since Grace Prep is not licensed to prepare lunches upon its campus.  It’s only options are to have it catered in. In attempt to keep costs down, limiting options and choices seems to be the best answer for our families.

Those who have been here a while think that transportation should be a higher priority, especially for athletics.

“We are in need of new shuttles and buses and stuff so we can allow our athletic teams to move together and …  to move people around better,” said Senior Carson Pinon who runs both cross country and track. “We already have somewhat of a fence but we don’t have anything to move people around except for the cargo van.”  

Dr. Evans agreed with Carson in that transportation is problematic, but it is so for all private Christian schools. Finding drivers that meet the new CDL requirements, finding affordable insurance, keeping them clean an maintained and being able to secure the buses from vandalism when school is not in session are all issues we have faced before.  

“Outsourcing our transportation seems to simplify this ongoing dilemma,” said Dr. Evans.

Unlike Pinon who has been here since 7th grade, Gonzales is new to Grace Prep this year. He thinks that Grace Prep is waiting for a better time to finish its NTGD projects.

This waiting will soon come to the end.  However, Harper does not currently have an exact timeline for the future.  Dr. Evans added that putting a fence on the north side of the property is not as simple as one would think.

We have to get electricity, permits, architectural plans and approval from the City of Arlington.  Plus, we need to do it when we are not water logged and when school is not in session.

All good things are worth waiting for.

“We try to pray through our future fundraising,” said Harper. “[Next year’s fundraising goal and project idea] depend on the number of students that we have.

Students must realize that we are very blessed to attend Grace Prep as a private school. The school’s plan for the future will further advance their lead among other area schools.

If you would like to learn more about Grace Prep’s 2020 vision, feel free to explore

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