Grace Prep student survival tips

Students and parents celebrate the grand opening of GPA's new building August 17th.
Students and parents celebrate the grand opening of GPA’s new building August 17th.

The Mane Post staff welcomes a student population consisting of 38% new students! We also welcome back our returning students! To help all of us do well, our staff offers some GPA survival hints.

  1. Email your teachers with homework questions: They don’t mind communication from you, the student! This helps prepare you for college, when you have to email your professors all by yourself. Teachers are glad to hear your questions, so they can make sure you are understanding the material.
  2. Take notes, both in class and at home when reading.
  3. Make best use of your time off. Don’t procrastinate. Learning to use your time away from school wisely will help to prepare you to handle your off-hours in college much better also.
  4. On Tues/Thursday, set a time to wake up consistently, especially if you are an athlete with games or practice in the afternoons. This will give you time to go watch T/Th volleyball or basketball games in the evening too!
  5. Reach out to others, and GET INVOLVED! There are so many opportunities to do outside of class. Enjoy as many as you can! Your high school years are a great time for trying new clubs or service activities, many of which are also offered in college.
  6. Sit in the student section at home games. We do skits and cheers you won’t want to miss!
  7. White out is your friend.
  8. Be authentic! This school wouldn’t be here without God’s guidance and mighty hand. Being genuine is always good because God sees us.
  9. Don’t go out to lunch too far away. We have 30 minutes, and Martin HS also has open campus at about the same time and eat at the same places. Ask a veteran student where the best/fastest places to go are.
  10. Learn the For Him, We Are, Grace Prep cheer! 🙂




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