GPA Worship Band: Now and Then

Once a month we have the opportunity to worship together as a whole school. In that time, we hear a message, and we worship by singing songs with a few students leading us, who are willing to share their musical talents. The Revolution of Grace worship team has been a part of our student chapel for many years.

  Here, there is only one music class offered; show choir. In the past, there has been choir offered periodically but not every year. Despite that, the Lord has still given us many students with musical gifts. Many students from the past who have played music in the worship bands here, still have a passion for using their music talents.

“I’ve always had a passion for worship leading, so I was naturally drawn to come try out for the band when I heard about auditions at the end of 8th Grade,” said Hannah Hall, worship band leader from 2010-2012.

  Hall, like many of her comrades, continues to pursue music as her ministry, leading music in her youth group weekly, playing music for Beach Club, a local public school Bible club, and writing songs and performing shows in the area.

  Last year, GPA did not have a student-led worship band. However, Junior Landon Weintraub was instrumental in starting the worship band back up this year. Dean of Students and Family Ministries Phil Smith agreed.

“God has given me a passion for music that I have had since I was little,” said Weintraub. “Almost two years ago, he also gave me a passion for himself. When I discovered the joy of leading a body of believers in worship of the Lord, I knew I wanted to share that experience with my school.”

  The most current students that lead worship for Revolution of Grace this year are Juniors Ian Reyes (guitar/vocals), Landon Weintraub (guitar/vocals), and Clay Driggers (keyboard). There have also been people who have or will join them to help. These volunteers are Drummers Senior Landon Ruhde and Junior Zach Wadley, Singers Sophomore Mallory Chapman, Junior Jared Futrell, Senior Kaitlynd Satterfield, and Junior Avery McFarlin.

  This year Weintraub and Reyes have worked together to create a new structure for the ROG band, which is all acoustic, no electric. This makes the sets easier on sound.

  Music alone, isn’t what drive these leaders. Reyes said leading worship with music is his passion.

  “When I’m worshipping, whether it be on the electric guitar, or just singing, it allows me to worship in a way that I can’t otherwise,” said Reyes. “It’s really just a way to use my passion in a way that praises God.”

  Reyes feels like God has called him to be a music minister, and he wants to pursue music in the future. He is not the only student to lead worship here who has continued to pursue music after graduating.

  There have been many groups who have led the worship for Revolution of Grace or FCA. Some of the past students who have played in the student ministry band over the years are Jared Pelley, Haley Shopp, Louis Lee, Luke Johnson, Lyndsey Futrell, Hannah Hall, Sarah Guess, Lizzy Walsh, Andrew Estes and many others.

  The Mane Post thought readers might like to see “where they are now” if they have ever sung with them in the past, or if they want to hear them play live now. Some of them do not still play music…but most still do.

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