GPA Seniors cast their ballot this election

For many of our seniors, this midterm election has been their first opportunity to get out there and vote. Voting is an important right of adult citizens and is what makes the U.S. a Democratic Republic.

“I think our opinion matters, and if we want a say in our government, state, city, or nation, go to the polls and do something,” said Senior Kayla Lehew, who voted for the first time this election. “Anyone who’s 18 or older; they should vote.”

The process may seem daunting to newcomers, but Senior Sam Hall reassures us that, “It was very interesting because of the people trying to sway your opinion with signs and shouting outside the voting venue, but once you get inside, it’s very confidential and easy.”

Most teens can easily register to vote by checking a box when they renew or get their Driver’s License at the age of 18. Renewing your license at the age of 18 is Texas law for those who got their license earlier, so it is simple to register to vote then.

Both Lehew and Hall view voting as a positive experience. Hall added that it made him feel “very American.”

I think that the ability to vote is something Americans take for granted, which is why some refrain from voting. But if you have the right to speak, why not use it?

Along, with taking our rights for granted, I believe that Americans sometimes lack a feeling of political efficacy. Political efficacy is the belief that they, as an individual, can influence the course and actions of government. Sure, if two people vote against you, they would win, but they don’t cancel out your vote.

Your vote still has value because if people join your side, then you win. Your vote is necessary.

If everyone reasoned that everyone else would vote, ironically, no one would vote. Don’t assume people will do your job for you.

Seniors and upcoming seniors, voting is an essential American right. It is quick and easy to do, it’s important to help in government, and… you get a neat, little “I Voted!” pin.

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