GPA brings a little sweetness to local hospital

Becky Lester is an oncology nurse at Arlington Memorial. She worked with our students and teacher Wendy Smith to deliver much appreciated snacks to 6 floors of her hospital.

Now when there is so much chaos, lack of hope, and so many people are going into complete survival mode, we can remember there are still good people out here who want to help others and create happiness that impacts more than themselves and their immediate family. 

Becky Lester, mother of Senior  Zach Lester is a Registered Nurse at Arlington Memorial Hospital.   

During this time where we all want to help, but aren’t sure how,  she was here for us, to go where we could not…that’s right to the hospital. Right now, only staff and patients are allowed in. Family members of patients are often not even allowed to visit right now.

Snacks are the perfect blessing to a busy staff.

Wendy Smith, Anatomy and Physiology teacher here got the idea for she , and her students to  collect snack food to deliver to a local hospital who needed it. She thought of asking Mrs. Lester to help. Lester, was glad to receive the donation and deliver it for us.

      Mrs. Smith said, “I have a special place in my heart for nurses and respiratory staff due to my work with pediatric patients. These hospital staff are remarkable and put up with ALOT as the deal with patients who are too sick and families too stressed to be their “best selves.”

Smith knew that as patient load increased for the hospital staff, that snacks might give them the quick fuel they need to keep going strong.

Mrs. Lester and Mrs. Smith had a funny discussion about how much food students needed to provide, and for how many floors.

This is one of the 6 floor crew at Arlington Memorial. Becky said all 6 floors have COVID-19 patients on them. They are ICU, COVID ICU, Tlemetry, Medsurge, and Oncology, where Lester works.

“There are 6 floors other than the Emergency Department,” said Smith. “Becky noted that the ED gets all the good stuff because it is where people think to drop things off. So I decided to have her deliver these goodies to the other 6 floors.”

Junior Macy Steffens, Cara Jones, Ben Jones, Bonnie Davis, Jake Potenzo, Sara Gunn, Kyle Lehew, Kara Lehew, Jacob Lehew, and Senior Kyli Beach, didn’t waste time collecting healthy snacks and a few sweets for the 6 floors. They also wrote encouraging notes to the staff.

“I like to serve where i can and it was a good opportunity,” said Kyle.

Mrs. Smith drove to each student’s home and picked up the snacks to deliver. The photos tell the story well. The workers took time out to pose for a photo Mrs. Lester took.

Just a few of the goodies and a note from our kids.

  Through all the pain and struggle the world is going through, we must stay unified and strong for the people who need it most. In the case of this crew, way to be a light and a lion.

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