Golf advances to regionals this season

2018 Golf team coached by Larry Scala

Golf. A sport that about 26 million people play according to the National Golf Foundation and the Spring Golf Foundation. Many students plan their future education around golf. There are 12,199 men and 7,132 women golf scholarships available. In comparison, there are 32,890 men’s and 28,305 women’s basketball scholarships available.
Golf is a one-man sport, so the outcome of your team score, and for you, really depends on you. This pressure doesn’t stop our golf team from giving the game their best shot.

“I think it’s [golf] fun,” said Senior John Bearrie. “It’s fun being on the golf team because I’ve never done that.”
Bearrie has played golf almost all of his life and his father plays amateur golf. He has placed 5th in District. He says the hardest thing about the sport is hitting the ball straight.
All golfers who are qualifying for TAPPS have to take an 80-question test that is filled with trick questions and improbable possibilities.

Grace Prep’s men’s golf team placed 6th overall. They were led by Crue Baldwin who shot a 90 and while the girls only had 3 golfers and 4 are needed for a team, Hannah Reeves who placed 11th, missing the cut by 1 place, for state qualifiers.

Senior John Bearrie has placed 3rd, 2nd, and 5th place in tournaments. Hannah Reeves has place 1st and 5th place in tournaments.

“The hardest thing about golf is not getting in your own head,” said Freshman Golf player, Layla Holsten.
Holsten plays golf for Grace Prep’s high school team. She has always wanted to play golf. Holsten says golf can teach someone patience. Golf is a sport that you can play with family and friends.

“What I like about golf is when my dad and I have free time, we go to the driving range to practice and have fun,” said Holsten.

The average time to play a round of golf is 4 hours. Not only does golf take a while to play, it is expensive. The average golfer spends about $3,000 annually. For those who think golf doesn’t give a very good work out they walk an average of 9.5km during the regular 18-hole round.

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