Junior Payto Stevens and his service dog Drew, are the best new team on campus. Drew alerts Payton to low blood sugar levels, so that Payton can get the care he needs in a timely manner.

Gaining more than a friend: Student gains service dog

No longer will Junior Payton Stevens have to wonder if it is time to check is blood sugar. Now Stevens, who has Type 1 Diabetes will know, thanks to Drew, his service dog.

Drew, a labradoodle, is the newest student at Grace Prep Academy, who is “enrolled” as a junior right alongside Payton, at least he does attend classes anyway as of January 13th, 2020.

“The students love, love love Drew, but the best thing is watching Payton interact with Drew,” said Principal Susan Crosier. “He stands a little taller and just cares so well for Drew.”

Check out our video for more on this story.

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1 thought on “Gaining more than a friend: Student gains service dog

  1. I loved watching the video and hearing more about Drew and Payton, especially now that we are stuck at home. Nice job on the video!

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