Eleven JV Volleyball lady lions put up mostly w’s; formed strong bond

“I got it! Outside! Right here, right here,” calls the JV Volleyball team, as they return a serve against Southwest Christian last month. This team plays in unison, with a mere 11 players strong.

Lady lions “hit” the season hard, with a new coach and plenty of new players.
New JV Coach Elizabeth Wulbecker, has seen all wins but one in district, even though there are only 11 players, and many are new.

“The girls played well in district, and did a good job at controlling our competition,” said Wulbecker. “We faced some solid competition in our tournaments, and it was exciting to see the girls rise to the occasion in those close matches.”

Although half the team is made up of new students, the team seems to gel well during the practices and games. There is never any discouragement being thrown out on the court, as fans could clearly see them encouraging each other during games.

“Our three goals for each game were to glorify God, play our best, and have fun…I loved seeing the girls come together as a team to accomplish these goals,” Coach Wulbecker said.

The team comraderie was a positive for the players as well.

“The friendships and community on the team and being able to celebrate together after the wins, [are why I enjoy being on the team],” said Sophomore, Outside Hitter Evelyn Morgan.

The district record is 11/1 and tied for first in district; their overall record was 14/6. The JV practices are for two hours and fifteen minutes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with games every Tuesday and Thursday Nights.

The hectic schedule doesn’t keep the players from not playing the sport. From freshmen to juniors, they all practice something alike: determination.

“I love making friends and being a part of a team,” said Freshman Libero Faith Reynolds, who is brand new to Grace Prep.

The comraderie, the passion, and the competitiveness shown with the girls is incredible. Even the bus rides have been a fun time to get to know each other.

“It taught me how to be a part of a team,” said Sophomore Rissy Gates, right-side hitter.

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