Commended Scholars Announced

Seniors Max Hedman and Carson Pinon scored in the top 3.3% of all juniors  in the entire United States on the PSAT (Preliminary Scholarship AcademicTest) in October of 2017. Their high scores earned them the prestigious Commended Scholar Title announced last month.

After earning this honor, these seniors say they are simply striving tofinish the school year without getting too distracted.

This honor was not announced for a year after the tests were taken. When it was announced, it was quite a great honor.

“It’s a little bit weird because everyone suddenly recognizes you and says you are that guy,” says Senior Carson Pinon.

However, Hedman did not share the exact same feeling.

“I was close to getting semifinalist, so I was a little sad,” said Senior Max Hedman.  “But [I’m] still happy.”

GPA keeps track of the winners of these types of honors. Our GPA history consists of 21 National Merit Finalists (they score in the top 1.1% of students who took the test) and 40 Commended Scholars (top 3.3% of all students who took the test).

“That is quite an accomplishment,” said The Dean of Advancement, Denise Webb. “I’m proud that our school helped prepare them for success on the test. For a school as small as ours to have so many students who have done so well, that is something to be proud of, especially since this is a national competition.”

Webb also realizes it is these student’s hard work that won them this honor.

“I am also well aware of the fact that it is the Lord who gifted these young men with their academic abilities and we at Grace Prep simply helped to nurture those gifts,” said Webb.

True, this accomplishment did not come without preparation. Hedman has taken 8 practice tests to prepare for the PSAT.

On the other hand, Pinon claims he did not extensively prepare.  Because of this unexpected praise, he was very excited. 

Very humble and slightly embarrassed, Pinon said, “It was pretty nice.”

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