Class trips are around the corner. What can students expect?

Q: What will the seniors do in New York?
Dean of Students Phil Smith: They will be visiting major sites, such as the world trade center memorial, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and possibly more.
Q: What hotel will they stay in?
Smith: Resident’s Inn
Q: Who decided what they will do?
Smith: Primarily Mr. Smith, with consultation from the chaperones.
Q. Why did you choose New York?
Smith: They wanted to stay in the U.S., and NY provides a unique urban adventure to capstone the high school experience.
Q: What are you most excited about?
Senior Haven Rodgers: To be able to see each other outside of the classroom.
Senior Jayci Campbell: Being with the class and getting to know each other better.
Senior Jaydin Campbell: Getting out of the natural environment and out of our friend groups.
Q: What do you think the most memorable part will be?
Rodgers: The last day as we’re recapping the fact that we’re seniors.
Jayci: Recapping the fact we’re seniors.
Jaydin: The last day when we realize this is the last major things we will be doing with the class.

Q: What will the juniors do in Washington?
Smith: They will be visiting memorials, Capital tour, Smithsonian Institute Museums, Museum of the Bible, Arlington Cemetery, and the Holocaust Museums.
Q: Where will they stay?
Smith: That is unknown as of now.
Q: Why did you decide to take them?
Smith: Juniors had gone in earlier years, and it coincides with the students who, in the grade, are studying US History.
Q: What made you choose Washington?
Smith: We wanted to stay in the US because of safety and financial issues, it has historical and educational value, and to help to understand how it fits in our country.
Q: What are you most excited about?
Junior Makayla Lockard: Going to a new place and seeing the cool surroundings.
Junior Quinton Browder: Traveling, I love traveling.
Junior Kayla Lehew: Being with the juniors and getting to hang out, outside of school.
Q: What do you think the most memorable part will be?
Lockard: Getting to enjoy spending time with the class.
Browder: Connecting and having a good time.
Lehew: The down-time where we’ll be together doing unstructured activities.

Written by Holton Hester and Angelica Rodriquez, Reporters

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