Buttermilk Sky Pie is the Talk of the Town

In the mood for a change?  Maybe something smooth, sweet, and overall scrumptious?  Go to Buttermilk Sky Pies and find yourself in pie wonderland.  The two new locations, one in Arlington and one in Mansfield, make for a happy reality to all pie lovers.  

    Recently, I was able to try one of these delicious pies.  Sierra Scala and her mother brought over some 4-inch mini pies from the Arlington pie shop to enjoy during the nail biting finale of The Bachelor.  I do not have pie often, but the Buttermilk Sky Pie’s peanut butter cream pie helped soothe the pain from watching what went down on one of the last episodes of the show.  

  The pie was creamy and delicious, the perfect amount of whipped peanut butter and chocolate.  My mom said, “The coconut cream pie was amazing!” Sierra had the key lime pie which she really enjoyed and her mom had the peanut butter cream pie as well.  

 After trying the peanut butter cream pie, I cannot wait to try many more of the pie shop’s homemade desserts.  Buttermilk Sky Pie has a variety of flavored pies including: buttermilk, I-40 which is a pecan filled pie with chocolate sprinkles and a bit of toasted coconut, granny’s apple, chocolate cream, key lime, peanut butter cream, coconut cream, and chewy chocolate chip.       

 However during certain seasons the franchise will bring out their speciality pies for that time like banana cream.  They sell the pies as 9-inch, 4-inch, and 2-inch. In addition, they carry thumbprint cookies which are shortbread cookies topped with frosting and what they call a cloud 9, a mix of pie and ice cream.

The fun part about Buttermilk Sky Pie is that when it’s your birthday you can get a free 4-inch mini pie when you sign up for their Pie Club!  So signup and get yourself a pie that is unforgettable. For more information go to https://www.buttermilkskypie.com/ .

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