Brandon Lawrence; The Prodigal Son Returns

He has a big decision in his life, where he needs to choose between two major things, and neither choice is simple. Senior Brandon Lawrence (B-Law) feels as though he has to choose between his image and his future, and this might be the hardest decision he has had to make so far in his life. 

May 29th 2001 was the day this senior was born. He didn’t become a good player easily. He worked at it. Basketball takes up alot of his and his family’s life, and in his words, it is the “love of his life”. 

Basketball wasn’t Lawrence’s first love. That was  was actually football, and he was successful at football. After 8 years of devoting his time and hard work, he had a very bad injury and saw no hope with football anymore, but something grabbed his attention and it might have been the best thing that could’ve happened to him. 

“I was sad to not to play football any more, but then I focused on basketball more seriously,” said Lawrence.

Basketball quickly captivated his heart and most of his off-time. While he was in school, he found anytime possible to get some shots up. Especially when he wasn’t in school the workouts were long and very difficult. Summer is when all of his time was put to training.  Once he told his father that basketball is what he wanted to pursue, his dad firmly told him “now that you have started this, you must finish this, ride it till the wheels fall off.” 

He also has an older brother who is very  good at basketball. So any time his brother went to work-out or go hoop in any pick-up games, B-law was right behind him playing basketball with the older guys and that was a huge factor in how great he is today at playing basketball. His older brother is a big role model in his life. It’s the beginning of Lawrence’s senior season, and he has yet to receive any offers to play in college. Suspecting this lack of recruitment success is due to going to a small school, he decided to transfer to Duncanville High School, which is a 6A school, with over 4,000 students.

 He began his senior year there,  and the “energy there was different” said Lawrence but something just wasn’t right, and it didn’t feel the same. 

“I knew where God wanted me,” said Lawrence. “He has a plan.” 


Brandon scanning the floor getting ready to feed one of his teammates.

Once he came back, his initial thought was that his peers and his coaches would treat him differently and look at him differently, but the complete opposite happens.

Due to that and other problems that occurred, he transferred back to grace prep in just under 3 weeks.

 B-Law was welcomed with open arms, even when all the odds were stacked against him. Now he is starting on the basketball team and he is  averaging 21-points, 6-assists and 5-rebounds. 

Lawrence agrees it’s all thanks to God and trust B-law has  given to God to handle his image, his heart’s desire, his college, and career.

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