Boys varsity basketball shoots for state

Head Coach Richie Alfred and his varsity basketball team are anxious for the upcoming season.

After making an outstanding run to the State Championship last season; the stakes are set high.

Unfortunately, last year, the team lost by one basket after an intense triple over-time.

This year, the team made up of seven returning players and three returning starters, believes they have another shot at making it to state. Hopefully this year with a different outcome.

“As a team, we definitely spend the most time on defense”, says Junior point guard, DJ Jones, “we believe
that (defense) is why we lost the state championship last year; so now that’s the skill we pride ourselves on.”

This group is fast and athletic. With an array of ages: one sophomore, four juniors and six seniors; their skill sets vary in man different ways. Yet, their speed will be an advantage on both the defense and offensive end of the floor.

“It’s easy being the hunter and hard being the hunted,” said Coach Alfred.

Coach Alfred, who has over 30 years of coaching experience, believes that since the team had such a great season last year, that they will have a target on their back the entire season. Often motivating their opponents to give more effort and intensity.

The basketball team expects this, and desires to be humble about their previous season so as to not stumble on the past.
“The big goal that we have for the season is to win state,” said Junior Brandon Lawrence.

After losing last year in triple overtime, “ We all felt terrible,” said DJ Jones, “it was an experience that we don’t want to go through again.”

They all agreed that they would do whatever it takes to not feel how they did last year.

The team can’t wait for the season to start; so they can get another shot at a State Championship.

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