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Border wall issue is still here: We need progress

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Within the last few months, politics and news have been enveloped with talks of impeachment and Mueller hearings. With such a large focus being put on one topic of ousting our current President, many other matters have been overlooked. One such topic is the progress of our southern border wall.

At the beginning of Trump’s presidency, he wanted nearly 970 miles of border coverage by the year 2027. That would end up being the existing border plus Trump’s planned 316 mile wall. However, almost four years later, we are nearing the next presidential election, and some are unsure whether it is still being built.

Living in Texas, I would like to understand what is happening with this issue. I do not believe I am alone.

The big question is how much is finished so far? According to the Washington Post, Trump and his administration have finished around 110 miles. It is good to see that Trump is keeping his promise of building a southern border, but proportionally, it may not be that good of progress. 

At the current rate, it will take around 26 years to complete the 970 mile stretch that was promised. That is not to say construction will not speed up, but those in charge of the process should be aware that, as of now, it is going slower than expected.

Perhaps that is because some of the wall that still needs to be built would span private land in Texas primarily. The government works with private landowners to work a deal to build on their land, and that takes time.

Remember the big picture for the good of our country.

Objectively, the left side of politics is more relaxed on border control through use of a wall, while the majority of the right prefer there be a wall to enforce the idea of a closed border. 

Those on the left would ask, “What good is a wall when all we want to do is to help?” Meanwhile the right responds, “What about the influx of people? What happens then? Rationally, crime will increase with more people. How will this affect education if less people speak the national language?” All concerns on both sides are valid in a void.

Understanding politics means understanding the motives. What are the motives of either side, in regards to the south border wall? 

Fundamentally, the right wants to, first and foremost, protect the interests of those who are loyal to and living and thriving in the United States. They want to uphold the doctrines on which the nation was built, while also improving the current state.

What is the motive of the left? To destroy the fundamentals of which the U.S. was built upon. They wish to challenge the status quo and develop an entirely new governing philosophy; one that prioritizes the personal interest of those in command, while at the same time hiding that fact from the public. This secret is under lock and key within their politics, only being revealed when pressure is applied.

What does any of this have to do with a southern border wall? The principle of the matter … matters.

Without control over who is let in and out, society can begin to degrade. It is cause and effect. If we were to let just anyone in without due process, the result would harm the nation. The possibility of allowing those who could care less what the state of the U.S. is or have no loyalty to speak of, is catastrophic.

A healthy, prosperous country relies on those who care for the well-being of, and who are loyal to the inhabiting people. Without proper regulations on immigration and border crossing, the U.S. would be where it was four years ago, and may be again if we don’t make some progress.

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