Best coffee shops to visit near school

Who doesn’t love to start their day off with a fresh cup of coffee? I know I do! So that is why I’m here, writing to all you coffee lovers out there to tell you my top five affordable and delicious coffee shops right in your backyard!

My personal favorite places to get my daily dose of coffee is for sure Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. Another great place that isn’t expensive is Race Trac. All of these places have many great options for whatever you like.

It’s a race for which of these icons has been around the longest.

The first Starbucks ever was started in 1917. They are well known for their amazing, rich, Arabic coffee beans from Latin America, Africa, and Asia Pacific. On the other hand, Dunkin’ Donuts has been around for almost 150 years, making coffee from Arabic coffee beans as well.

Along with Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, Race Trac is a great place to pop in for a cup of joe. It’s not just a gas station. It has a surprisingly large choice of coffees and flavors.

Those three are some well-known  places to get coffee, but here are some shops that you may have never seen or heard of where you can take more time and lounge in. The first one is Iris Bagel & Coffee House on Interstate 20 W. Another great affordable coffee shop is Savor Coffee Bar and Eatery located on E Bardin Road.

Iris Bagel & Coffee House and Savor Coffee Bar and Eatery are both great places to have a quiet work environment. Both coffee shops have meals that range from $10-$20. I recommend going for breakfast or lunch.

Some students have also agreed with my choices of coffee shops.

“Savor Coffee Shop in Mansfield has a really cute atmosphere, and I want to go back again soon!” said Freshman Kara Lehew.

All around Arlington there are so many great coffee shops to choose from. Whether you like decaf coffee, special milk in it, or even extra whipped cream, these places definitely have you covered!


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