Baseball hits home for athletes

Senior Jordan Akin pitches at our home field in Euless. Photo by Cole Vardeman

The field is watered, the pitcher is ready to step on the mound, and the stage is set for baseball; over 27 games of baseball.

A record of 12 wins is nothing to sneeze at. Ending the season with a record of 12-12-3 and hitting 4-4-1 in district and beating our rival by 11 made for a season worthy of respect.

“Honestly it’s been fun, I made a lot of good friends, but disappointed we weren’t doing better,” said Junior Josh Peterson.

Peterson also has outstanding stats with 17 hits, 12 RBIs, and 11 runs and having offers from colleges as well.
Senior Chandler Wilberding was out most of the season with a broken wrist, but still got an offer to play club and try out as a walk-on at Abilene Christian University.

“I was so surprised, and go glad,” said Wilberding.

Senior John Bearrie played his last season of baseball and is ready to use what he learned in baseball to move on into the real world.

We all got along and our chemistry is great…we all mess with each other a lot, but it’s all fun and games,” said Bearrie, “My last year was fun, especially [because] it was my best season.”

Bearrie plans on attending Texas A&M in Corpus Christi for one year and then going to Texas A&M in college station to finish his degree.

Head Baseball Coach Brandon Helm has played an important part to his players giving them confidence and helping them become a better person.

Junior Josh Peterson runs in, earning a point for the lions.

“I like him a lot…he was the best coach I had in High School,” said Peterson.

Other players seem to agree that Coach Helm is instrumental in their success.

“He helps calm me down and helps me gets rid of the pressure I have during games,” said Sophomore Samuel Prather.
Although the season had it’s up and down with challenges on the way, the players continued to grow with many lessons along the way.

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