As Grace Grows, So Should Its Class Options

Many students here have expressed a desire to take classes that pertain to their specific interest of college study. Due to our unique University model, we do not have the time in school to offer as many classes as we may like.

GPA offers many of the classes students need to get them college-ready for any career, but is there more that can be done?

Junior Drew Moore said, “There are a few other classes that I would like to see, but that is a lot of my personal preferences.”

Moore’s opinion and all of the students’ needs matter to the school. That means GPA often takes a fresh look at what classes it is offering.

When deciding to add a new class, the Grace Prep board has a few things to look at: Will there be scheduling conflicts? Will the class be worth it financially-speaking? Will the class have sustainability throughout the years? Can the right person for the teaching position be found?

The Grace Prep administration would love to offer more classes according to GPA Academic Counselor Mrs. Webb.

“I would love to be able to offer more fine arts; I would love to be able to offer more computer classes,” said Webb. “Those kinds of things that are more really skill-driven, especially in the computer world… That it is just the way of the future.”

GPA offers three honors science classes, but also offers AP English, Calculus, History, and Government and Economics.

The GPA administration starts evaluating new classes in November and usually announces the classes in February. Grace is also contemplating adding a music class, which would be an hour long and consist of activities like private guitar lessons.

Some students, including Drew Moore, wish to see earlier Pre-AP classes offered sooner in the secondary school.

“I think the Pre-AP program was very powerful last year [sophomore year], and so I think it would be a really good investment to do that track for 9th grade,” said Moore.

In contrast, the later start in Pre-AP classes give high school freshman time to decide whether they will take the regular route or the distinguished route upon graduation.

 There are few questions that must be answered before adding more classes, but the Grace Prep administration is doing their best to give their students the best possible opportunity to excel with what is available to them.

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