Alumni Walks on to Baylor’s Football Team

Jay played for the Lions since the 6th grade. Pictured here as a senior, Jay kicks off against Covenant.

As a former student-athlete at Grace Prep, Jay Sedwick has been on an unusual journey at Baylor University. As a wide-receiver and kicker for the Lions, during his high school career, Sedwick  walked-on as a kicker for the Baylor Bears in 2017.

“Being a Baylor kicker has been such a blessing for me,” said Sedwick.

“It’s an unbelievable rush getting to run on the field in front of thousands of people.” While being the kicker at Baylor, Jay has had the opportunity to share his faith with players and students               

.“I have had the opportunity to share my faith and my story many times because of God’s provision in my life specifically in regards to my time at Baylor,” said Sedwick.

“I have also made many friendships through my team that I will cherish forever.

                As an all-sport athlete here and an academic all-state selection, Jay talked about how GPA prepared him for Baylor.

“Grace Prep taught me great time management and how to write and study very well,” he said. As a walk-on at Baylor, Jay has been able to experience both sides of being a fan, and a Baylor teammate.

 “I feel extremely blessed and grateful for the opportunity! It’s awesome because I got to experience both sides of being a Baylor Bear,” said Sedwick.

“Screaming and heckling with my classmates in the student section and then working my tail off to compete for my school!”

“It was a crazy transition but I wouldn’t change God’s timing for anything.”

                GPA football coach, Chad Pegus talked about Sedwick and his success here.

“Jay had a very blue-collar- workmanship attitude… He was an awesome athlete, but he never let anyone outwork him,” said Coach P.

“I remember his sophomore year he did all four sports and he was able to handle that so that could tell you what kind of worker he was.”

As the Sedwick family has had other family members graduate from other colleges, Baylor has always had a special place in there heart.

“We’ve been Baylor fans for as long as I can remember, my sister went to A&m and my other sister went to DBU, so while they were there we were fans of those colleges respectively, but my mom went to Baylor and graduated from Baylor, and her mom graduated from Baylor…. So our blood runs green and gold,” said Kaylee.                

“We were really excited when Jay said that he was going to be a walk-on kicker at Baylor,” said Sedwick.

 “It was sort of an answer to prayer like one of those crazy experiences where we thought his football career was over, but the Lord had something brewing under the surface… and it was really cool to just see how excited we all we were and how excited Jay was to just.”

 It was kind of a dream of his from really early on, he looked at a lot of other colleges but Baylor was really where he wanted to end up,” said Kaylee.

“Even though he had an opportunity to play at some other places, he decided to go to Baylor anyway, just because Baylor was where he wanted to be.”

As Jay has gone onto Baylor, he will always be remembered as a leader in the classroom and on the field here at Grace Prep.

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