Senior Kayla Lehew had 3 younger siblings here, and wrote a letter to all younger students, hoping to spark and guide them in their high school years.

A letter from a senior: the spiritual-life letter

Dear GPA High Schoolers

High school is such a key time for Spiritual growth. You are maturing and preparing for adulthood.

You’re going to be heading off into the real world soon, and you are really going to want to be ready. Read your Bible, find an accountability partner and do a Bible study together! The Bible app offers so many! Some are just a week long, a couple minutes a day is all it takes and it is so refreshing.

Pray all the time about literally anything.

God hears you, it’s a conversation, ease into it. Knowing the Lord keeps me on the right track. Having a relationship with Him is the best and most important decision I- or ANYONE could make.

Talk to someone about your faith, maybe a mentor or a parent. It is crucial that we strengthen our faith in high school because we are about to be thrust into the real world- either college or the workforce. In our school we have teachers and faculty whose beliefs more closely match ours and each other’s, but beyond these walls, that isn’t how it works.

Professors whose beliefs don’t match ours may try to convince us that we are wrong- that God does not exist. But God is not dead, He is SURELY alive. We must be able to defend our faith, to know what we believe and really truly believe it. We need to know that our faith is our own- each of us individually, not your parent’s. My relationship with the Lord is going to be different than yours because each is personal.

Is someone really beating you down at school? Pray about it.

Are you really fed up with someone else? As much as it sucks to admit- you may need a change of heart toward that person- I know I’m guilty of that, but the Lord is there to hear us out and help us out.

Thanks to Him, I have made it this far. Through finals, and friendships, the Lord has been my one constant. My always, and it is He who I have to thank for everything I have accomplished. I know I couldn’t have done anything but fail on my own.

Good luck in high school, kid. You’ll do great. With the Lord by your side, you WILL succeed. Don’t let anyone make you doubt that.

Signing off for the last time…

With Love,

A senior with a bad case of senioritis.

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