A letter from a senior: the social letter

Dear Incoming Freshmen,

Moving on from academics, we have the social aspect of high-school.

Guys, seriously, get involved, it helps so much and really makes your four years so much more enjoyable. My 9th and 10th grade years, I was very involved in my school. I loved high school. Had great friends, played volleyball freshman year, participated in theater, and went to ALL the school events. My family switched schools my junior year and I thought my life was all but over. I was so bitter and decided not to participate in or support the school in anyway. That only really lasted about the first two months and let me tell you, it was the most miserable two months of my life. It was such a mistake. I lost touch with my best friend almost entirely because I was too stubborn to just go to a game or sit with students in my grade. Luckily, the theater department at my new school, as well as a student there, changed my mind and helped me get out my slump. Now, I’m more involved and everything is much better. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means miss school-spirit-class-president-cheerleader, but at least I’m participating in some school clubs and events.

Play a sport, try something new!! After YEARS of playing sports, I decided not to continue after Freshman year, but this year I agreed to throw for Track & Field, which I have never done before but I am SO excited! This is your time to experiment simply because you can. So go audition for the play or write for the paper or run or student council- just give it a shot, you never know what the outcome will be.

On a different side of the social aspect, we have DRAMA. And not the kind performed on a stage.

No, no. Drama is honestly what makes High school the worst. I know we all like to know what’s going on, who got busted for what, who broke up with who, and who else started dating. Honestly though, y’all, it is not worth it. Drama never leads to good things. The label “Drama Queen” has a negative association for a reason. Getting caught up in high-school drama leads to girls in tears and guys in fist-fights. Friendships are one of the best parts of high school, and good friends make your four years a blast. Try not to lose the good ones, but also be prepared to let go of those who just call themselves “friends.” You really don’t need to act or appear a certain way just to please someone or get them to hang out with you- and don’t make others feel like they have to do something specific to hangout with you. Be a friendly person, it will build character. Please remember this. Stressing about friendships is the worst. It takes such a terrible toll on so many students all over the world. Don’t worry about it- all you need is one good friend. Don’t concern yourself with popularity- it’s so overrated.

With Peace,

A senior with a bad case of senioritis.

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