Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie hosted up and coming boyband, Why Don’t We, with opening acts, EBEN and Brynn Eliott on March 30th.

Before the boyband came on stage, new artists, Brynn Elliott and EBEN performed as the opening acts.  Elliott wore a bright pink suit jacket and pants to match as she belted out songs from her EP, Time of Our Lives, including hit song, “Might Not Like Me.”  Next up, EBEN, who danced in a hoodie and baggy pants, performed singles off of his EP’s:  You, Past Hundred Days, Finally, and E1.  Though I had not heard many of their songs before, I was impressed with their performances.

After the preshow, Why Don’t We band members: 20 year old Jonah Marais who was born in Stillwater, MN, 20 year old Corbyn Besson who was born in TX, 17 year old Zach Herron who was born in Dallas, TX, 19 year old Jack Avery who was born in Burbank, CA, and 20 year old Daniel Seavey who was born in Vancouver, WA, sang many songs from their new album, 8 Letters, and EP’s such as Invitation and Why Don’t We Just.  The guys sounded just as good as they do on their album.

Picture By: Makayla Lockard

8 Letters has a song for every mood, whether it’s a song like “I Don’t Belong In This Club,” that makes you want to sing and dance or one that helps you through a difficult time such as,“Hard.”  Being able to witness them perform songs like these at the concert is something I won’t forget. There’s a difference between listening to music at home compared to hearing it live. At a concert, you can see the emotion and work the artists put into their songs and how they interact with the audience.  

During the performance, the background change added to the atmosphere and overall effect on the audience.  Many in the, what seemed like sold out crowd, were singing along and dancing to their favorite songs by the band. The screen consisted of scenes of the guys that related to each song.  For example during their performance of “Cold In LA,” the city was covered in white snow to add a visual to the song.

Picture By: Makayla Lockard

Why Don’t We has their own style.  The boys are very different from One Direction when performing in concert because of the multiple costume changes throughout the show and their addition of dance that made them seem more like NSYNC.  The band changed from wearing all black outfits to all white for the next set of songs, in which they then switched to red colored clothing and then finally their last change into typical guy clothing, plad, sweatshirts, and jackets.

    At Verizon Theater, anywhere you sit provides a great view of the people on stage.  Having been to a concert there in the past, sitting in two different places, each gave me an unforgettable picture of the performances.  

        Next time Why Don’t We comes to town, I won’t hesitate to purchase tickets!  I am excited to see what the future holds for them. To find out more about the band and upcoming shows go to,

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