By: Ester Zahaj


A child’s crying

That’s all I’m able to hear

The painful sobs

Sound loud like they’re near

Coming from the girl

Sitting in the small corner.


The drops of the tears

Uncontrollable and filled with fear

Echo through the silent room

All leading to her doom.


The crying girl sitting with her back to the door

Her head buried to her knees

And with her wrists by her side

Bleeding the red liquid.


Screams and shouts

Sound through the small house

What is going on

That’s all I’m able to hear.


I try to move forward

Trying to reach the little girl

But my feet are tied to the ground

And I’m unable to go anywhere near.


And then I disappear.

I open my eyes

And see that I’m standing on a dark warehouse

Nothing is heard

Nothing is seen

No way out

No way in.


It’s like a dark paradise

Where light doesn’t bloom

And feelings are consumed

But you’re just there to pay the price.


The price for being nice

The price for always being there

For the people who didn’t really care

Who always thought of hurting you more than you deserve.


But it’s not over yet

For the war inside your mind has just begun


And this is reality

I hope you know how to fight

Because beastly

Are the things you’ll have to survive.

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