Strong start for all lion basketball teams

Senior Jordan Phillips dunks against a Richland HS guard. Richland is a 5A school, and won 2nd in the tourney. We won 1st.

The sound of squeaking high tops against the gym floor filled the Activity center. On December 7th-9th we hosted our first Varsity boys’ basketball tournament. 16 teams played more than 20 games across the span of three days. In the end, our boy’s Varsity team came out on top, earning first place.

The girls and boys Varsity teams have played hard so far this season. Each team prepares to give full effort going into district games with the vision of playoffs in mind.

The Varsity girls’ basketball team, coached by Head Coach Katie Smith, currently has a record of 2-7. The season started slowly for the girls as the team was missing a couple of players at the beginning of the season.

According to Junior Point-Guard Hannah Turner, the team has recently found their chemistry and are playing better every game.

Turner loves that there are a vast majority of underclassmen. She is excited that herself and senior shooting guard Jazmyne Jones, get to be a positive influence on the younger girls, both on and off the court.

“Our team is very diverse. We each have our own strengths and weaknesses. One of us may pick up where someone else might be lacking,” said Freshman Post Kati Rod. “We balance each other out.”

The team feels pretty good going into district. They have faith that if they keep improving and working hard in practice, they could get a good district rank and maybe even get far in playoffs.

“I have high hopes for us making it to the playoffs this year. We should do well in district, and from there, it is one game at a time,” said Turner.

Senior Jazz Jones takes the ball down to the basket at our first home game. We won by over 40 points.

The girls should continue to get better and improve their records.

The Varsity boys are coached by Head Coach and Athletic Director Richie Alfred and have a record of 13 wins and 4 losses. This record includes the Grace Prep Invitational tournament.

“We all have one goal: to get better every day. We just need to lock in at practice and work together as a team,” said Senior Shooting Guard Abraham Morden.

The team has incredible energy, a heart for the game. Every player really brings their A-game every time they step on the court.

“It [the season] has gone well, we have played a lot better since we started. Our [team] chemistry is better,” said Junior Power-Forward Myles McCrary.

They all get along really well as a team and like to joke around together. According to Morden, the team’s character truly shows at practice. He says that every day coach Alfred reminds them to keep their heads up.

Once they step foot in the gym, this team means business.
The team as a whole is confident that when it comes to playoffs, they can make it to state and maybe even win the title. That is their goal and they plan to execute it.

“I feel like as a team, we are really locking in together and focusing on what we are trying to do and that’s winning the state championship,” said number 15 junior point-guard Demetri Merritt.
Both varsity basketball teams are off to a agreat start and worth the watch, They are projected to have a bright future in the games to come. Now all they have to do is keep it up going into district play

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